We offer bespoke training programmes to upskill everyone in your business no matter their needs, from receptionists to CEOs. We help them save hours each week by not only demonstrating how to take advantage of existing features, but also by showing you what it's really capable of.

It all starts with you

A lot of time is invested by businesses in creating a bespoke Dynamics 365 solution. One of the most common causes of disappointment and frustration is that the people the system was created to empower, are not confident or don’t want to use it. We’re going to change that, one person at a time.


Get your team more productive AND happier with Dynamics 365 Success

Users that feel as if they know your software inside out are more confident and generally do a better job. We all know this but one of the first things to fall by the wayside after a ‘launch’ is making sure everyone is skilled up enough to both function, and take ownership. We have created a process and system to empower your people to dive in, and encourage those with the desire to drive success from within.

  • Learn to harness the power of Dynamics 365
  • Empower users with knowledge and purpose
  • Revolutionize collaboration with Office 365
  • Increase user happiness & encourage ownership
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Training with a difference

Having trained groups both large and small all over the country, we have developed a knack for encouraging those ‘light bulb’ moments for users. With years of hands-on experience, we have come to appreciate how people learn, and the variety of factors that can prevent them from taking ownership. We focus on the people in your business, with their unique levels of need, time, skill and enthusiasm.

  • Involve everybody in your business and make it fun!
  • Create a story and lead with the benefits (what’s in it for me?)
  • Build excitement and buy-in through personal interaction
  • Take advantage of all mediums – Guides, Video, Webinars
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Everything we do is built on the fact that users drive business growth.

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Simply doing ‘training’ is pointless unless in the end your team actually get it.

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One size
doesn’t fit all

We all learn differently; adapt the style, method and approach accordingly.

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Drive success from within

Make infinitely more useful and tailored dashboards / forms for individuals, teams or departments with D365 Tiles. Encourage user-adoption and exploration!

  • Use Tiles in entirely new Dashboards, or add to existing ones
  • Use Tiles on Entity Record forms to add convenient Tile links
  • Tiles can Link To dashboards, views, records, external url’s
  • Provide intuitive Sizes, Icons, Colors, Titles and Tooltips
  • Encourages user-adoption and exploration
  • Clean up long lists of Dashboards by consolidating them


How we enable your success

While every business is different, we’ve developed a system that gives us enough structure to deliver consistency and focused outcomes.



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Claire Broadway
Head of Advice - AMP Assist & Horizons Financial Group
Claire Broadway
Head of Advice - AMP Assist & Horizons Financial Group
Amanda Bradley
Operations Manager - Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation
Amanda Bradley
Operations Manager - Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation


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