We offer made to order subscription based support that allows businesses of any size to get access to expertise when they need it, at an affordable fixed monthly cost.

Leave it to us

If the secret to success is to focus on doing what you’re good at, for you this probably means focusing on your clients, team and delivering results. Not much time left over for worrying about your CRM. No matter the type of support you need and how much, we’ve got you covered.


Technology moves at lightning speed, don’t get left behind

A good system is never ‘finished’. Every day your business adapts and evolves to meet challenges, and so should your CRM. The typical solution deployed a few years ago was perfect for a while but then staff had suggestions for improvements that never got implemented and over time the perception of its usefulness diminishes. With D365 Assist, we will take the pressure off you and keep your business on the edge of what’s possible.

  • Develop a roadmap for your tools that matches your business goals
  • Keep up to date with Microsoft’s dizzying enhancements for Dynamics 365 & Office 365
  • Meet with you regularly to review requests
  • Review business processes and how Dynamics 365 can enhance them
  • Modify fields, forms, dashboards and reports as needed


Eliminate the ‘six figure project’ cost

Let’s say you recently bought a nice new car. Would you service it regularly and keep it running smoothly or run it into the ground, resulting in costly repairs – or having to buy a whole new car? We see the philosophy of fixed price support as being an investment in an asset you have likely already spent a great deal of money on to get right.

  • Budget your regular maintenance costs with predictable monthly pricing
  • Reduce productivity costs with speedy fixes and updates
  • Build your own support model depending on your skills, business need and budget
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With D365 Assist we become part of your business and one of the team

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Manage your business
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We take the headaches out of the day-to-day running of the system, so you can use your precious time on better things.

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Real Data

How many times have you wondered about a business statistic you didn’t know? With D365 Assist there’s no need to wonder.

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Drive success from within

Make infinitely more useful and tailored dashboards / forms for individuals, teams or departments with D365 Tiles. Encourage user-adoption and exploration!

  • Use Tiles in entirely new Dashboards, or add to existing ones
  • Use Tiles on Entity Record forms to add convenient Tile links
  • Tiles can Link To dashboards, views, records, external url’s
  • Provide intuitive Sizes, Icons, Colors, Titles and Tooltips
  • Encourages user-adoption and exploration
  • Clean up long lists of Dashboards by consolidating them


How we enable your success

While every business is different, we’ve developed a system that gives us enough structure to deliver consistency and focused outcomes.



What our customers
have to say

It’s been a pleasure working with the guys at MiiiA over a number of years now – they are always happy to help and go the extra mile to provide solutions to the most complex of problems we can throw at them.
Ian Hayes
Director - Milestone Financial Services
The MiiiA team are always available to throw ideas around. This is comforting, as they help us to tackle many new challenges that inevitably come our way.
Peter Monahan
Operations Manager - EJM Financial Services


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