Clone Records in Dynamics 365 CE

There are often situations when working in Dynamics 365 where you need to create a new record very similar to an existing record. More commonly referred as the ability to

Google Chrome Browser Profiles

Much has been written recently about the amazing feature of Google Chrome “Profiles”, or the ability to have separate / fire-walled browsing sessions open at one time. See Google’s article

Missing Word Templates Ribbon Button v9

Post update to Dynamics 365 v9, we noticed a missing Word Templates ribbon button on the Connection entity. This caused some issues as the customer was using some templates to

Base64 Encoded Images in Dynamics 365 Web Resources

Embedding encoded Base64 images into your HTML Web Resources in Dynamics 365 can be useful. Rather than referencing a public facing image, or having to upload the image as another standalone

Missing Privilege – Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

While working through the requirements for the new light-weight Dynamics 365 App for Outlook something unusual presented itself. One of the key requirements is that Users have the below Security

App for Outlook PIN Missing

Simple one here. I have been running the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook for some time now and loving it. Since the latest update to v9 on our instance I

Dynamics 365 / CRM NAV Bar Vector Images

There were times when we’d have to mock up wireframes for projects, but those days are generally gone (thank goodness). One thing I have encountered recently is that when launching

Security Role Access Level Privileges PNGs

Security Roles can be complex in Dynamics 365. There’s a lot of tools at our disposal when creating a security model for a customer. Some of these include Business Units,

Using Emojis in Field Labels

This is a big shout out to Megan Walker who wrote a nice article about Using Emojis in Optionsets with Dynamics 365 which is well worth checking out. It reminded me

Open Views with a URL & NavBar

  A quick search of the “interweb” seems to indicate a lot of people wanting to open a CRM View (like Active Contacts for example) via script or a direct

SI Partner Listings on AppSource

UPDATE 12/01/2018: The AppSource team graciously responded to my request for clarification here. The reason behind the removal of Partner Listings on AppSource was the telemetry was shown that they

Understanding AppSource App Types

  AppSource, as it stands today, is primarily an Experience platform. Geared up to help the end-customers find and try apps that will help in their situations. As a platform,

Going Global with AppSource

  At a CRMUG Meetup in Melbourne Australia late last year I conducted a quick overview of my AppSource experience. The material may be a good starting point to look

Hiding the ‘Default App’ in D365 App Switcher

If you’re like me and have been loving the new App Designer this little additional option may be of interest to you. For those not sure what I’m on about,

Dynamics 365 Navigation UI/UX

While watching the recent Dynamics 365 July Update Executive Briefing sessions something struck me. I feel like we can do a lot better with User Interface and User Experience.

CRM 2016 Online Service Update 5 – Ribbon Buttons Fix

Service Update 5 for Dynamics CRM 2016 Online causes cached ribbon buttons to not display