TILES for D365

Make infinitely more useful and tailored dashboards / forms for individuals, teams or departments with Tiles. Encourage user-adoption and exploration!
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Powerful and flexible

Make infinitely more useful and tailored dashboards / forms for individuals, teams or departments with Tiles. Encourage user-adoption and exploration!

  • Use Tiles in entirely new Dashboards, or add to existing ones
  • Use Tiles on Entity Record forms to add convenient Tile links
  • Tiles can Link To dashboards, views, records, external url’s
  • Provide intuitive Sizes, Icons, Colors, Titles and Tooltips
  • Encourages user-adoption and exploration
  • Clean up long lists of Dashboards by consolidating them
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Easy to create

Use native Dynamics 365 records to create/edit your Tiles:

  • Tile Sets are records you create to house a collection of Tiles
  • Tiles are the physical buttons that have size, color, text and links
  • You will be creating many Tile Sets that each have many Tiles within
  • Clicking on a Tile will open a new window (or tab depending on your browser settings)
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Setup your tiles

Each Tile is made up of parameters that you control:

  • Sequence: In what order the Tiles will display on your Tile Set left to right
  • Title: The title that will be displayed
  • Tooltip: The tooltip that will be displayed when hovered over
  • Size: Square, Thin, Wide, Large
  • Color: Color when hovered over (Hex Color picker available)
  • Icon: Link to the Web Resource image for your icon
  • Link To: Dashboards, Views, Create Records, Existing Records, External URLs


Power-user control

It’s easy for a Power-User to get things up and running:

  • Create a new Tile Set record called “Adviser Tiles”
  • Add a few Tiles to the “Adviser Tiles” set using size, color, icon, links etc
  • Drop the TileSet.html Web Resource on a Dashboard or Form specifying a Custom Parameter that links it to the “Adviser Tiles” set
  • Publish All Changes, you’re done!
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We license our add-ons as simply as possible; on a per-instance basis. This means no complicated per-user pricing with fluctuating costs.

Your organization’s Dynamics 365 instance has a unique OrgID / Name that will holds the license. This means a license is required for each instance (Production, Sandbox, Development or Testing etc).

Get in touch for regional pricing or more complex requirements.

Verified Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners are eligible for our partner program pricing to assist you in deploying in your own customer projects.

Pay Once, Ride Into The Sunset
USD$999 / per instance
  • 1 x Instance
  • Latest Version
  • Self-Help Center Access
  • No Ongoing Commitment
  • Billed Once Upfront
  • EFT, Credit Card
The not-so fine print
Per Instance means one license is required for each Production or Sandbox (DEV, UAT, TEST) instance that you wish to install to. Most will only require one license for Production. Additional Instances on the same Organization/Tenant are eligible for a 50% discount.
Supported Versions include:

Online & On-Premise
– CRM 2016 (v8.1) & Dynamics 365 (v8.2)
– Dynamics 365 (v9.1)

Pay As You Go includes patches and future updates if released. Upfront includes latest version only at time of purchase, any future releases must be purchased separately.
International credit card processing via Stripe in some local currencies (contact us for more info). For Australian residents or companies operating within Australia GST will be added. Non-Australian residents or companies operating outside of Australia no GST / Sales Tax will be incurred.

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